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Awaken Pilates is a host site for Balanced Body offering a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program in Minneapolis.  Module training weekends can be taken ala cart or all together for the complete comprehensive program; which includes mat, reformer, cadillac/trap table, barrels, chair and anatomy.  Balanced Body is flexible with you taking a little now, a little later to create the right balance for you and your life.  The owner of Awaken Pilates, Karin Twigg, is on Balanced Body's faculty and is the lead instructor for the Balanced Body training program at Awaken.  Our program is licensed as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

Already a teacher? Check out Balanced Body's bridge program below for fast tracking through the program to receive more education and credentials.  A great way to build upon your experience and learning. 

Balanced Body Teacher Training Program Image Balanced Body Teacher Training Program Image

Balanced Body Teacher Training Program


Balanced Body offers a program that includes both classical and contemporary exercises which gives you diversity of training, critical thinking skills, and a balanced view of the Pilates repertoire.  This program will teach you the Pilates exercises on all pieces of equipment including the Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, High Barrel and Low Barrel.  The program incorporates the classic methods of Pilates with innovative movements, modifications and variations so you are prepared to work with any client at any level.  You will learn postural assessment techniques and how to work pregnancy, osteoporosis and spinal/joint injuries.  Our intention is to support you through this intense process to become the most well-rounded, thoughtful teacher you can be. 


Upcoming 2024/2025 Courses at Awaken:


September 6-8     Chair and Barrels

October 11-13         Trap Tower

November 8-10        Movement Principles (entry point!)

December 6-8         Mat 1



January 10-12       Mat 2 

Feb 7-9           Mat 3

Feb 28-March 2       Movement Principles (entry point!)

March 21-23       Reformer 1

April 25-27         Reformer 2

May 16-18         Reformer 3



Most of the weekends are:

Friday 3-8pm

Saturday 11-6pm

Sunday 11am - 4pm

Anatomy is required for the Reformer or Comprehensive Program.  At this time we recommend you take Anatomy online through one of our Balanced Body partners. 


Get discounts when you register for courses together.

Cadillac/Trap AND Chair/Barrel get $75 off

Mat 1, 2 and 3 get $75 off

Reformer 1, 2 AND 3 get $75 off

Email [email protected] for discount codes. 




"Karin is a breath of fresh air! She really knows her material and she shows great passion for the art of pilates. She seemed like a walking book of information which is more powerful to me than reading the material. I was able to attain understanding through her passion! Very awesome work, Karin!"


"After each course I take with Karin, I leave more confident in my skills and more inspired to learn more. She teaches clearly and makes it fun. I am a better PT for having taken these courses with Karin. I highly recommend Balanced Body and Karin Twigg!!!"


"This is my 7th workshop with Karin. I keep coming back because she is a phenomenal teacher... Informative, professional, knowledgeable and fun! She know her stuff! She is willing to do what she can to help you through the trainings. I am looking forward to learning more! I am grateful. Thanks Karin. Thanks Balanced Body."


"Mat 1 was a great course that taught me the basic foundations of Pilates mat work. Karin Twigg was an exceptional instructor and very knowledgeable. The studio (Awaken Pilates) was a great location. I would highly recommend this course to colleagues and peers."


"Karin was a wonderful instructor. Very approachable and down to Earth. Great form and execution of exercises as well as good descriptives of form and flow. She was Very knowledgeable and delivered appropriate amount of information. Not over or underwhelming. A great representation of a Balanced Body course."


"I have been a student of Karin's for over 13 years and now I have the pleasure of having her as my teacher trainer. Karin's knowledge of Pilates is amazing. I love learning from her!"


"Karin is an amazing teacher. She presents the material and movements in a way that her students can clearly understand it. Her knowledge and experience with Pilates is second to none."


"Karin is a fountain of information. She covers everything from start to finish. I feel she teaches us to be effective, caring and safe instructors. She answers question in concise manor and is a lot of fun to be around."


"Karin is an amazing pilates instructor. Her expertise and presentation of the material was done exceptionally well."

"This was an excellent training. Highly informative and a perfect blend of learning the foundations/philosophy and practice. Karin is a phenomenal instructor with a wealth of information. She created a safe, fun and challenging environment!"


"Karin was a phenomenal instructor. Incredibly knowledgeable, patient and insightful."


"It changed my whole thought process and brought random revelations together to all make sense.  I will now and forever, work very differently. I really don't need to work in that flexible space- I do need to limit my range of motion and simply get stronger. Thank you so much. Our quick conversation quite literally changed my life!
You are amazing! Thanks again."


"Thanks Karin for your kind spirit and all the knowledge you bring to so many."


"Karin Twigg is professional instructor! She is grounded in her knowledge in pilates, and she knows her stuff! Her way of presenting material is never boring. It's always informative no matter what course or class you take. You walk away saying, "that was worth my time!''


Balanced Body Instructor Bridge Program

Already a trained Pilates instructor? Consider Balanced Body Instructor Bridge Program.  If approved students can become a Balanced Body teacher without having to complete all the program requirments.  This is a great way to add diversity to your training background and skillset.  Fill out an application and see what your options are for bridging mat, reformer or the comprehensive program. Email [email protected] or call 1-877-PILATES (745-2837) for more information.