About Us

About UsKarin and Christian Twigg

Welcome to Awaken! Awaken Pilates is a boutique studio with two locations in Minneapolis and Minnetonka. We offer privates and small group classes taught by an incredible team of talented teachers. We will guide you through quality movement, ideal alignment and finding the depth out of each exercise so you walk out the door feeling like a million bucks!

Awaken can help YOU with:

  • building strength in your body
  • teaching you how to move better through functional movement cueing
  • releasing tension, mobilizing joints and getting your tissues to glide better
  • healing from back, shoulder, hip and other joint injuries as well as pregnancy, post natal, scoliosis
  • connecting with a community of fellow amazing movers

We offer single sessions, a variety of packages, and monthly memberships.  Click here to see our rates and email our studio manager at [email protected] to schedule.  New Client Introductory Special: 2 Privates for $119. 



"I love my Pilates classes at Awaken. The instructors are excellent, attending to individual needs. At age 66, my body feels healthy and strong and my bone density scores have improved! Jill is an excellent instructor who constantly adds new exercises to keep it interesting." - Emilie 


"Hands down best Pilates studio I have been to in 17 years. The quality of the instruction you receive is outstanding. The instructors are so knowledgeable and you hardly ever do the same thing twice.  My only regret is I didn’t find this studio sooner." - Gloria 


"Awaken Pilates has the best instructors! I love Jackie Cale and Renee Keller - both as instructors and personally. Jackie's classes are varied, challenging and she consistently gives great cues. Renee, a personal friend, got me into pilates and for that I'm so grateful. Her classes move along and she has me smiling or laughing out loud as I'm asking my body to do things I wasn't sure I could ever do. Both Jackie and Renee take a personal interest in how I am, how my body is feeling and help me do the best I can. I come away from my classes feeling good and hoping that I'll be able to do more- do better - feel stronger - become more flexible after each future class. The new studio in Minnetonka is light and airy. The equipment is new and the props are many which means each class is different from the last. The small classes (max of five participants) means everyone gets personal attention from the instructor. Great place!" - Judy T


"I want to thank you so much for the superior training I receive at your studio. I have never felt so well cared for as I work toward my personal goals - in fact my goals keep expanding as I gain strength, flexibility, and body awareness. I feel my new found strong posture in everything I do - from tennis to biking to skiing to sitting at my desk. I can't thank you enough for the encouragement and commitment you give."  - Laura Tiffany


"I was truly blessed to have Awaken Pilates in my playing career.  Their expertise in core stability, joint flexibility and dynamic strength had a remarkable impact on my performance and recovery as an NFL player.  They will always be a part of my life." - Ben Leber


"When I saw that my healthiest patients were doing Pilates, I enlisted Karin's expertise. Six years later, I attribute my core strength and flexibility with avoiding injury in a 600 ft fall skiing at Alyeska. Thanks, Karin!" - Dr. Jan Strathy, OBGYN


"Spending the time and money on Awaken to help "put myself back together" after the birth of my second daughter was the best gift I could have given myself. The Awaken Staff built a program that was gradual, consistent and truly effective. My core strength came back over the course of six short weeks and my back pain went away. In the process, I gained a whole new appreciation for what my body had accomplished during pregnancy, and what I needed to do to help it recover afterward. My body is now strong enough to do what I ask of it on a daily basis as a working mom and athlete." - Amanda, Working Mother of Two


"Karin has helped me immensely in overcoming several chronic injuries.  I came to see her because I had chronic shoulder and hip injuries that had gotten bad enough that they had prevented me from doing almost any kind of physical exercise.  After only a hand full of sessions with Karin I could see a remarkable difference in not only my shoulder and hip but in my overall body awareness and core strength.  As we have continued to work together, I have seen a transformation in my core stability and strength that have translated to other activities like swimming and yoga." - Dr. Caleb Creswell


"Yeah for Awaken Pilates! I'm 34 weeks pregnant and as my doctor was checking my belly this week, she complimented me on my abs and told me how strong they looked. Should make for a much healthier delivery and recovery! Wendy's prenatal reformer class rocks!" - Anjuli, soon to be first time mom