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The wonderful thing about Pilates is that it's for everyone! Men, women, young, old, athletes, dancers, those needing rehabilitation can all benefit from this wonderful method that Joseph Pilates created over 100 years ago.  The Pilates method helps create balanced muscle development, stability and control in the body.  We offer privates, semi-privates and group classes in Pilates.  Private sessions are specifically tailored to meet your goals and address any therapeutic concerns you have going on in your body.  Semi-privates are great to do with a friend and group classes are a great affordable workout. We teach a blend of contemporary and classic Pilates offering all body types options and continuous variety.  To start your Pilates experience at Awaken, we highly recommend our Introductory Special of 2 Privates for only $119! Email our studio manager at [email protected] to schedule your introductory privates.

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The CoreAlign is used to improve posture, balance and functional movements.  Developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman, CoreAlign exercises facilitate musculoskeletal rehabilitation by stimulating core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training.  The CoreAlign consists of two independent carts set in a track attached to resistance tubing.  A ladder is often involved to help faciliate stability challenges and deep stretching.